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My primary medium is papier colle'. Using the broad chromatic spectrum of Color-aid  paper, I treat this cut paper process as a synthesis of drawing, painting and graphic design: the paper is my palette, my x-acto knife is my rendering instrument.

I learned this collage technique while working as an assistant to Robert Indiana on a prodigious cut paper project. Upon completion I returned to my own streets, particularly Coney Island's amusement park where I found not only visual poetry to work from but also discovered existential messages embedded in the most unexpected places.

The iconic architecture of the rides, signs and attractions as well as other forms of urban and popular culture  and the ornately detailed fantastical aquatic life in the coral reefs are perfectly suited for my cut out practice.

I continue to create graphic distillations of the beauty I find in un-noticed spaces and  in out of the way places.

Thrills, wonder, memory ,fascination and escapism  continue to resonate in my work.

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