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The Coney Island Hysterical Society

Richard Eagan & Philomena Marano founded the Coney Island Hysterical Society in 1981, leading to the first wave of artists and performers seeking to preserve and build on the traditions of Coney Island's historic amusement area.

Through a handmade newsletter they attracted a following of Coney fans, which grew to over 500 members.

Early Hysterical Society art projects included the Coney Island Hysterical Society Spookhouse, a ride- through gallery in the dark; Photo-Board-Walk, an interactive exhibit of artist-created souvenir photo boards; and Steeplechase Come Back, a 2500 square-foot mural evoking Coney Island's past glory.

Along with sister organization Coney Island USA, the Hysterical Society is considered to have played a major role in the eventual revival of the Coney Island amusement beach.

Painting mural.JPG

L to R, Philomena Marano, Richard Eagan and a helpful community member, Anthony ....painting "Steeplechase Come Back" 1983

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